Monday, June 1, 2009

Recital Rehearsal

Tonight was the dress rehearsal for L's recital tomorrow. It will be her first dance recital ever, but not her last if she has a say : -) This has been a big deal in our home for days and days. She is beyond excited. Today while getting ready, I was treated to the most fun time with her. I got to blow-dry her hair and wrap it up in curlers and then do her make-up. I wish I had taken a picture of our bathroom during this - it was littered and cluttered with makeup, hair curlers, combs, perfume and the like. I did get a picture of her during the dressing process. I enjoyed the "girly" dressing as much if not more than I enjoyed the rehearsal tonight! Both boys hung out with us while getting L ready. S had as much as I did watching L get ready. J just wanted me to hold him. He still doesn't feel so well : -(

I did lose my patience once though during the dressing time. I yelled at her when she cried while I was doing her hair. I hate when I do that - why do I have to lose my patience at the worst times?? I apologized immediately - hope that helped in her eyes. I am a crappy mom sometimes but do realize it and apologize when I am wrong, like yelling at her when she started to cry because I didn't want her to ruin her makeup.

Back to the dance stuff. The rehearsal went well. L really enjoyed being with all the other dancers. She is really hoping to take dance again next fall but we'll have to see. She wants to do dance and soccer but that would be 3 nights a week we would be gone and I just don't want to miss that many family dinners every week. Right when we got there, so many of the other little girls had sparkly dust stuff all over them and I hadn't thought about it so L didn't have any. A lady let us borrow some and I promised to get L her own for the recital tomorrow. At least we were able to borrow some tonight so she glittered for her pics :- ) L danced so cute on stage. Tomorrow should go well. The plan was for me to drop her off at 5:15 with a stage mom and come back at 6 and watch the recital but she didn't want me to leave her (which made me so happy to hear!!) so now I'll go with her and Daddy will come later with the boys.

Daddy stayed home with S and I brought J with me to the dress rehearsal. S has really enjoyed having so much time with Daddy lately. And Daddy had work today (THANK YOU GOD!!) so having some one on one time tonight was great for him. They were playing T-Ball when we got home.

S called Daddy earlier today - by himself. I heard talking in the living room while I was showering L and I walked out here to hear S talking with Daddy. Guess S knows how to use my phone. He called to tell Daddy monster trucks were on the TV : -)

The garden is growing good. I had to replace a couple plants today. Thankfully Home Depot replaced them for free, although that isn't their policy technically I guess. So now we have a new cilantro and cucumber. The watermelon plant is growing like crazy and our first tomato is turning red. The other stuff is still just sprouting and growing. Hopefully in the next month or so we'll be enjoying the fruits (or veggies) of our labor. I did try our peach jam that we made a week or so ago for the first time tonight. Heaven in a jar. I tried it on my first loaf of homemade bread (recipe from the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes).

Life is good. No life is GREAT. I am thankful Daddy has work; thankful for my children (even with the current lack of sleep due to #3); thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home and nurture and grow our children and take care of our home. Many things to be thankful today!!!